After working as a crew boss for a band in Australia in the mid 1980s doing sound and lighting I worked for roughly 3 years in a NZ nationwide radio station doing studio programme recording and announcing. Over the past 24 years in various studios I have done all sorts of recordings, with all kinds of people, from live bands to eulogies, Japanese rap to Italian opera.

Here are some snippets of material I’ve recorded over the past 15 years or so.

All audio recordings are copyright to their respective owners, and used by permission.
Apologies for the voices and animal sounds added into my jingles, I sell them and don’t plan to give them away for free downloads. Please contact me if you’d like a jingle created in a certain style / length etc.

Spend it While you Can - Aly Cook Spend it-snip
Behind Closed Doors - by Sue Thomsen BehindClosedDoors-snip
I Believe - by Rick Stokes IBelieve-snip
Wouldn’t Change it at All - by Al Belcher Dont Change at all2-snip
Techno Jingle - by Rick Stokes Techno Jingle_cow-snip
Acoustic Blues Jingle - by Rick Stokes AcousticBluesJingle_voice-snip
Just Sitting Here - by Joseph LePere Just Sitting here2-snip
Crazy Loop Thang - by Rick Stokes CrazyLoopThang_voice-snip
Enjoy your Latte - by Sue Thomsen Latte-snip
Let Everything that has Breath - by Rick StokesLetEverythin-snip
Only Murder - by Joseph LePere Only Murder2-snip
Pongi - by Pamaro String Band Pongi-snip
Seagull Blues Jamming - by Rick Stokes SeagullBlues-snip
This is My Commandment - by Rick Stokes ThisIsMyComm-snip
Wedding Song - by Pamaro String Band Wedding Song-snip
Wonder Why - by Sue Thomsen WonderWhy-snip
Isaiah 61 - by Harley Barrett Isaiah61-snip
Dixie Dminor - By Rick Stokes DixieDminor_horse-snip

photo by Rick Stokes 7th Sense Photography